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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Birth and Awakening

Once upon a time, I did not exist.

Then once upon a time, as a result of an intimate union of two beings, I slowly began coming into existence. 

It was a miracle. Out of the fusion of two beings, a new individual, conscious identity began to emerge.

As the form of me grew, so did my consciousness, the experience of myself, my surroundings, and existence. 

I was slowly becoming me.

As I struggled and pushed out of the womb, I found myself in a universe. I was barely aware of what it all was, but with startled eyes I looked in wonder on what I had been birthed into. I screamed in terror, observed in astonishment, and found refuge in cradling arms.

I had been born into an epic struggle. A struggle between life and death, truth and falsehood, joy and pain, beauty and ugliness, love and fear.

Now that I existed, I was set on a journey to awaken to the meaning of all things. My consciousness of myself and existence would increase to the capacity that I would be able to rationally ponder and discover the Essence of what existence was about, even the awakening to God.

I went from non-existence to the capacity of knowing the Infinite.

In between was a miraculous divine spark of life, initiated by the union of two beings.

Many things would try to rob me of my awakening. This place was full of things posed as distractions. A shadow world reflecting a transcendent truth. But deep down that divine spark still flickered within, a longing I could never completely ignore, hopefully to woo me into a knowledge of a Beauty and Love calling to me through all things, and this flicker would become a wildfire that would engulf my whole awareness with the truth of my existence. 


  1. Wow. Sure gotta lotta elegant eloquence in thy description, brudda... yet, you're gonna wanna find NTHN without the Seed of Faith (which you have). Follow us...

    Take your thumb/first digit and hold'm really close without touching, k? Now, place them on an imaginary football field... no, actually, 1000 of em... no, actually, 999+ nonillion of em. Precisely the length and breadth of eternity. Precisely what we as a human race have to think about each time we make a decision: am I going Upstairs or downtown by this query; Am I going toward the Light or away?

    Only 2 eternities after we croak, brudda, and 1 of em aint too cool. Follow us...