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Thursday, May 24, 2012

in the eternal radiance

In the eternal radiance
The sweet smoke and fragrance
Of undying, unyielding love
Flowing like angels
In the celestial springs above
The high immortal brilliance
Like a rushing fall of water
Billowing to and through me
Ever feeding the blaze
The purest sacred fire
Of the loveliest majesty
And terrifying beauty
Of transcendent being
Piercing through my soul
Streaming through my veins
Cascading into my heart
Flooding my vision
With tears of holy desire
The sweetness of holiness
Roars with flashing dreams
Of the romance of reality
And the glory of Essence
Boredom is joyfully stabbed
And love is eagerly awakened
Like a light show in the heavens
(A cry like the dawn
Streaking across the morning)
Then flaming music cascades
Like a thousand waves of heaven
On the shores of eternal oceans
In the hearts of the likeness
Of God.

Jacob Wright - 2005

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